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Intentional Packaging: Environmentally Responsible From Product to Packaging

At Fervent Folk we* do things a bit differently. We believe, strongly!, that it is the Business Owner's responsibility to package their products in a way that can be easily reused/composted/recycled. Here are a few ways we practice Environmental Responsibility when we package your order.

Your *already recycled* item comes with an info/business card printed on uncoated, recycled paper, it's packaged in a kraft paper bag, on which I hand-write a thank you note. (in cursive... hopefully, you can read it! )

Packing slips are not sent with orders. It's unnecessary paper. The same info can be accessed on your online order. #gopaperless #environmentallyresponsible

Gift messages are hand written by me on a card or on the paper bag the item is wrapped in.

Orders are posted in a rigid Kraft cardboard box with the postage label to seal over the closure, ensuring it's secure without using tape.

This means everything your item comes shipped in can be used for kindling for your next bonfire or put directly into the recycle bin, reused as packaging for your own gifts/packages, or composted in your compost bin.

Easy. On you & on the Earth

We also *don't* accept posted returns, which cost additional money + fuel to deliver. If you have a problem with your order, please contact us to discuss options to make it right.

It's our Fervent belief that, if more businesses managed their products this way, we'd be in a lot less environmental trouble! It only makes sense, then, that we practice what we preach.


*We/us = Me, Jocelyn this is a one-woman show at Fervent, All the things - packing orders, making garments/jewelry, social media management, market booth hosting, connecting with Artisan Partners in Madagascar, implementing earth-friendly packaging... - I do 'em! ______

A woman handwrites a note on a Kraft Paper back to package an order
Jocelyn, Fervent Folk Owner, Handwrites a thankyou note onto a Kraft paper back to package an order

Hands hold a Kraft cardboard box on which is stamped an image of a bicycle
Kraft Cardboard Packaging Box with handstamped bicycle


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