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About Fervent Folk

Celebrating Slow Living and Artisan Crafts

Jocelyn Plett owner of Fervent Folk sitting at an outdoor table
Jocelyn making notes on a book sitting at a table

Fervent Folk

Embracing the Art of Slow Living

Welcome to Fervent Folk, a small business based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Our passion lies in embracing the art of slow living through contemplative practice and in showcasing the beauty of artisan crafts.

The Contemplative practice of Spiritual Direction is a way of slowing down enough to pay closer attention to the way the Divine Presence, God, is influencing your life on a daily basis. It is a space to examine the way we think and feel about God, and reflect on how we experience this in real time. In a fast paced world, Spiritual Direction offers a sacred space to decelerate enough to catch our own breath, and that of the Spirit.

Through our handcrafted jewelry and decorative items, we strive to inspire a mindful approach to life. By partnering with talented artisans, particularly those in Madagascar, we bring their creativity and craftsmanship to a North American audience. Join us on a journey of appreciation for nature, sustainability, and the artistry of slow living.

Fervent Folk value the Art, and Process, of Slow Living

I may talk boldly about 'the Art of Slow Living', but let me clarify, I am by no means an expert - in art nor in slow living!

My focus is rather on the desire and the aspiration toward creative living at a pace that allows for careful examination and thought. Fervent Folk is an invitation to join in this curious exploration of contemplative, mindful, and creative living.

When We Slow Down, We:

Certified Spiritual Director

My name is Jocelyn, and I am a Spiritual Director certified by the School of Sustainable Faith, North America’s largest and most well-known School of Spiritual Direction. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I offer Direction in person and/or Online. I abide by the Spiritual Directors International Guidelines for Ethical Conduct and receive regular Direction and Supervision myself.

Passion for Spiritual Direction

As a practitioner and a recipient of Direction, I’ve witnessed the potential of this spiritual practice to bring about personal and spiritual growth. I meet regularly with my own Spiritual Director and receive guidance from other experienced Directors to continue to develop and deepen my own practice.

Welcoming All Seekers

Regardless of age, gender, or denomination, I am available to offer Spiritual Direction to people who are seeking a deeper awareness and experience of God’s Divine Presence in their lives.

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Happy Jocelyn during a group session

“If my conversation never involves disclosing my deepest longings, anxieties or experiences of God, it cannot appropriately be called dialogue. Dialogue involves the risk of revealing what is most precious to me. If I remain in a safe zone of opinions, facts and information, I have not exposed my deepest self. Nor have I ventured to the place of deep encounter with others that is called dialogue.”

(David Benner. Sacred Companions. 56)

Reexamination & Repurposing 

are Powerfully Beautiful Practices

Yet they requires something of us: 

The statement I seek to imbue in my items is that slow-work and the rejected materials themselves are worth it! 


Celebrating Artisans &
Their Craftsmanship

At Fervent Folk, we celebrate the artisans who bring their extraordinary craftsmanship to our products. Their dedication and talent contribute to the beauty and uniqueness of each piece. Get to know our artisans through these featured blog posts:

Watch How It's Made

Odette Making Bicycles from Tin Cans


Behind The Scenes

At Fervent Folk, we believe in sharing the behind-the-scenes aspects of our creative process as well as our own thoughts on the spiritual journey.


Dive into our journal-like blog posts that provide a glimpse into our journey and the stories that shape our work:

Jocelyn drilling a hole in a bead.

Fervent Journal

Jocelyn beading a handmade necklace

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Treaty Acknowledgement

We acknowledge with respect the history, spirituality and culture of the peoples with whom Treaty One was signed and that Fervent Folk operates on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabe, Ininew and Dakota peoples, and on the homeland of the Metis nation. We acknowledge their gifts and recognize our responsibility as Treaty members. We commit to moving forward in partnership with Indigenous communities in a spirit of collaboration and reconciliation.

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