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Jocelyn and a clinet is a one on one spiritual direction session

Holding Space to Examine your life with God

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About Jocelyn R. Plett

Certified Spiritual Director

My name is Jocelyn, and I am a Spiritual Director certified by the School of Sustainable Faith, North America’s largest and most well-known School of Spiritual Direction. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I offer Direction in person and/or Online. I follow the Guidelines for Ethical Conduct outlined here.

Passion for Spiritual Direction

As a practitioner and a recipient of Direction, I’ve witnessed the potential of this spiritual practice to bring about personal and spiritual growth. I meet regularly with my own Spiritual Director and receive guidance from other experienced Directors to continue to develop and deepen my own practice.

Welcoming All Seekers

Regardless of age, gender, or denomination, I am available to offer Spiritual Direction to people who are seeking a deeper awareness and experience of God’s Divine Presence in their lives.

Building the Church

It is incredible to witness the compounding effect that the spiritual discipline of Direction has in strengthening the faith and service of individuals. Through 'Soul Listening,' one can experience God intimately and profoundly, influencing daily actions and relationships.

Imagine a Church filled with individuals deeply connected to God, whose lives are transformed by this divine experience. I long to walk alongside those who desire this sort of deeper encounter.

One on One Direction

Spiritual Muscle Training

Spiritual Direction is an opportunity to train, strengthen, and build endurance in your spiritual muscles. It is a dedicated time to engage in a deep and contemplative conversation with the Spirit of God, noticing the Spirit's movements and paying attention to where your attention is being drawn.

What To Expect

A Transformative Journey

Spiritual Direction typically occurs once a month for a one-hour session involving you (the Directee), me (the Director), and the Spirit (the Divine Director).

Affordable and Accessible

While Spiritual Direction with a certified and experienced Director can cost anywhere from $40 to $100, I suggest a fee of $50 per hour session. However, I believe that finances should not be a barrier to engaging in this transformative practice. I offer a number of investment options.

Free 'Meet&Greet' Chat

I am delighted to offer an initial 15-minute 'Meet&Greet' chat, free of charge. This gives us an opportunity to discuss Spiritual Direction, get to know each other, and determine if we would be a good fit for continuing the Direction sessions. Book here.

Commitment to Growth

To lay a strong foundation for deeper work, I encourage Directees to continue the practice of receiving Spiritual Direction for a minimum of 6 meetings. Much groundwork happens during these initial sessions, paving the way for transformative experiences.

Group Sessions

Group Sessions

I am offering a number for group sessions, both Virtual and In Person, starting this fall.

Bonfire reading group

Bonfire Reading Group

Starts Sept 12


group spiritual session

Group Spiritual Direction

Starts Oct 3


sacred rhythms group

Sacred Rhythms Group

Starts Sept 21



"Spiritual Direction helps me process what I am currently going through at work and at home through a spiritual lens. It allows me to make clearer decisions about where I want to go and what I want to focus on."

Curious about any of my offerings or just want to say hello?

I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact me here.

jocelyn holding a book during a reading group
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