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I've never realized how difficult it is to find clip-on earrings until shoppers were asking for them at one of the markets I attended as a vendor and expressed to me how challenging it was to find them anywhere!


So, I did a bit of research and found these clip-on findings. It's my first go at the clip-on design, so there may be some things that come up as people buy and wear them. Please do send me helpful feedback! I only began to offer this option because of responses from people like you! I can only get better as people point out things I cannot see myself.


These clips are made nickle-free and feature a large or small silver-coloured ball. Distaff's standard Aluminum earrings shapes are affixed to the front, mostly hiding the clip-loop, making them a classy choice for pierce-free earring lovers.


*Note: these, pictured, are the styles currently made as clip-on earrings. It is highly likely that *all* Fervent Folk earring styles can be altered to accommodate the clip-on. Please do contact me directly at if you have any questions or special requests for an earring style made as clip-on. 

Clip-On Earrings

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