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One of Fervent Folk's most popular styles, the Nickercone Earring is a unique shape that makes a fashion and environmental statement.


Hand made in Manitoba, the Nickercone Earrings unite the Nickernut, a drift seed that grows in tropical regions, together with a hand-cast aluminum cone, made from smelted tin cans in the traditional smelting methods of Madagascar. The Nickernut remains in it's natural state, a smooth, polished gray shell enclosing the nut inside. I have simply drilled a small hole to wire the seed and bead together.


Not to worry, while the Nickernut is a natural, organic element, it will not rot or sprout on your ear. :-) However, it's important not to get them wet, as moisture may compromise the integrity of the protective shell. Nickernuts are not poisonous, but they are very bitter to the taste. Keep out of mouth. 

Nickercone Organic Earrings

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