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Made from smelted aluminum cans + other scrap, these ornaments have been hand-cast by Artisans in Madagascar using traditional sand mold casting methods. These ornaments are zero-waste, recycled and look luminous on any tree. Small imperfections from the hand casting of each aluminum piece lends to the unique beauty of these ornaments.

Fervent Folk sources the aluminum shapes for our smelted ornament collection from AluMada, the 'Fonderie de l'Ocean Indien', based in the capital of the island country of Madagascar. Stephanie, the owner of AluMada, ensures a healthy and fair-paid work environment for the skilled Artisans who create the shapes, each cast individually. Stephanie and I have known each other personally for many years and I am especially happy to partner with her in providing jobs for the Malagasy Artisans in her employ.

Hand stamped word/number personalization is available for these ornaments. Some ideas for stamped words: Peace, Hope, Joy, Your Last Name or the name of the person you want to gift it to, Thankful, Grace, Merry, Bright, '2023', etc. Personalization is no extra charge. Leave a note with your personalization either in the checkout comments for the maker or via email


Hammered effect available upon request.


Star Measurements

Large - 9.5cm wide (3,3/4inch)

Small - 4cm wide (1, 1/4inch)

All stars -  approximately 4mm (1/8inch) thick, making them easy to send to recipients via letter mail.



Star Ornament, Smelted Aluminum

GST/HST Included

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